FAQ page 

What sort of style will suit me?
This is something I get asked often. It's important to remember what suits you. Weddings are a decision making time, so it can feel overwhelming. But don't let it. Just imagine you are going to an exciting function, like the Oscars. What sort of style would appeal to you for that? Think about the shape and cut of the dress, would it suit hair out or up? When you look back at yourself you want to just feel like a more gorgeous version of you. That's why trials are so important. Start collecting images from magazines and from the Internet to bring with you. It all helps make that decision easier.

Will my hair hold curl if I have it all out?
You know your hair much better than I do, so trust what you know. If your hair drops curl, or a blow dry, unfortunately no amount of setting etc will help. Itís quite a long day for longevity of a style, so factor that in. Having layers will help curls hold though, so if your unsure by all means have a trial and see how it wears. If you have hair that holds, having hair out is one of my favourite wedding looks, just remember to factor in the elements.

How long before the wedding should I have my trial?
I recommend that you have your trial sooner rather than later. Once you've decided youíre happy with the style and with my service, it gives you the chance to tick that box 
and move forward with other plans. Also it gives you a chance to change your mind and have a second trial, if the hairstyle you chose didn't end up suiting you the way you had hoped, or didn't hold the way you had hoped it would.

Should I use hair extensions?
Hair extensions are a great tool that can completely change possibilities for you that previously might have been up undoable. I both hire and sell human hair extensions. These can be cut or coloured to perfectly match your hair. They work particularly well for half up half down styles, and low buns or chignons. You can check out the pricing page for more details.

How do I best prepare my hair?
Having your hair in great condition is really important leading up to your wedding or special occasion. A lot of people grow their hair in preparation for the day, which is great. It is important however, to have had your hair trimmed and coloured prior to the day. Straggly ends are difficult to style and will not take curl well, and re-growth will show up in your photographs. After all the money and time you spend on wedding hair, it's these things that can adversely affect a beautiful outcome.

What do I need to know for the Wedding day?
It's really important that everyone in your party has clean hair for the wedding day. Oily hair really affects the results. I recommend two thorough shampoos and just a light conditioner on the ends, the night before. For people having a blow-dry I recommend washing on the day of the wedding. It's best to wear something easy to get off, not something that needs to be taken over your head. Most importantly, no straightening irons, as this can hugely effect any curls. If you have really curly, coarse hair, let me know and we can chat about ways around using a straightening iron.

Can I book hair but not make-up? 
Yes most definitely. I do offer both hair and make-up , but on most weddings I work with a Make-up Artist for time efficiency. If you would prefer to use your own make-up artist , that's no problem at all.

Will you travel to me on the day?
Yes, my wedding services are completely mobile. I do have travel fees depending on bridal party sizes and distance. These can be found in my terms and conditions. I don't travel for trials, only on the wedding day.

Do you have a salon?
Yes, I have a Studio Salon. I do all my trials at my salon. I offer all salon services that can prepare your hair for your wedding day including cutting, colouring, and treatments and hair extension colour matching. Check out the Price list page for costs.

Does it cost the same for a blow dry as regular styling?
Yes, a blow-dry is charged at the same rate as a regular up style. Over my many years of styling I've found that styling has changed a lot and many parties are deciding to have a blow-dry as their wedding style. I don't charge more for thicker longer hair, time consuming up styles, or less for a short hair blow-dry. It's a per person rate regardless of the style.

How much time does each person take to do?
Each style varies in the length of time it takes to complete. I estimate approximately 45 minutes per style, including touch ups. This can vary, but is a guide and once you've chosen your looks at the trial, I can give you a more accurate time frame. 

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