terms and conditions 

In making your booking with me you agree to accept the terms and conditions of my service as described below. Your satisfaction with my services is my priority, so please read this document carefully and feel free to contact me (Ph: 0425 309 844) to clarify any points. 

To confirm your booking a deposit of $100 must be paid. This deposit is non-refundable but will be deducted from the balance owing on the wedding day. 

I prefer payment via bank transfer if possible and will issue a receipt to confirm your payment. 

The balance of the amount owing needs to paid either in cash on the day, or else received by me via bank transfer before the day. 

If you choose to pay cash on the day, the exact amount needs to be provided before the work commences. This avoids the possibility of an unwelcome distraction at the last minute with the bride having to rush about to organise payment when the focus needs to be on final preparation. It is easier for everyone concerned to get payment out of the way right at the beginning before starting work. 

If paying by bank transfer (my preferred method) the transfer must appear in my account no later than the last business day before the wedding. If it has not then the balance will need to be paid in cash to me on the day. Any accidental overpayments will be refunded promptly.

If you cancel my services after confirming a booking, I have the right to retain your deposit at my discretion.

If I find that I am unable to perform hair or makeup services on your wedding day due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control, such as accident or illness, I will provide as much notice as possible of my unavailability and, if requested, make every endeavour (without guarantee of outcome) to arrange a suitable replacement to do the work on the day and will refund any deposit already paid.

Makeup Bookings
With large bridal parties I may suggest that the make-up work be undertaken by a professional colleague for reasons of efficiency and time availability. In such instances all questions regarding make-up, including costs, need to be agreed between you and the makeup artist. Although the make-up artist and I coordinate our work closely and conduct our trials together, we are separate businesses and bill our clients separately.

Travel Fees
The prices quoted for the Illawarra include travel between Stanwell Park and Kiama. Outside of these areas a travel fee of $75 per hour is payable if the booking is for less than 5 people.

If you have a small bridal party (less than 5) but have other friends within a 10 km radius interested in having hair and make-up done at the same time, I will be happy to travel to them, to enable you to avoid a travel fee.

Leigh Mathews can take no responsibility for adverse reactions to products used for styling hair. The onus is on you to inform me beforehand of any known sensitivities you may have to hair chemicals or treatments or make-up products suspected of having caused reaction problems in the past, so that I can avoid using them on you.

If a veil is required to be put in, I will be happy to do this for you so long as it can be completed before the agreed finish time. Otherwise you will need to make your own arrangements to have it put in. 

The agreed finish time must be strictly observed because your wedding may not be the only wedding I am doing your day. For this reason it is highly desirable to nominate your preferred times when making the booking and, once those times are confirmed with me, that you subsequently adhere to them on the day. 

IMPORTANT: Please print and sign this PDF hardcopy and bring it with you to your trial.